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Weighbridge is a set of scales that is used to weigh bulk items and installed by truck scale manufacturers on a concrete surface.


It features a digital monitor which shows the weight of the weighed vehicle.

DSBSB weighbridge can weigh up to 50,000KG.

The weighbridge system will store all the PKS data that have been weighed and a receipt will be generated for the record keeping.

The weighbridge is serviced every year for yearly stamping and verification by the verification officer.


Screening or non-screening are common among suppliers and buyers to define the quality of the final product sold.


Screening takes more time and efforts, thus increase the price compared to palm kernel shell that are non-screened.


Our screening machine are capable to remove traces of metals, stones, nuts & bolts, and other foreign objects present in the PKS non-naturally.


We do screen to filter out oversize impurity and undersize PKS chips to produce only the highest quality of PKS.


Palm Kernel Shell is generating very good traction as a renewable energy resource and biomass commodity in Japan. This is because PKS is the cheapest biomass fuel and is available in large quantities across Southeast Asia.


Palm kernel shell (PKS) has emerged as a favorite choice of biomass-based power plants in the country.

We trade the highest quality of palm kernel shell to the Japanese market. The business will expand to other countries soon. 

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