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RSPO is a global and non-profit organization that focuses on sustainable palm oil. RSPO brings together stakeholders from the various sectors of palm oil industry which includes; oil palm producers, processors and traders, consumer good manufacturers, retailers, banks or investors, environmental and social non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Daya Synergy Borneo Sdn Bhd is fully committed to supporting the authorized supply chain system of sustainable palm oil producers through the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Daya Synergy Borneo Sdn Bhd have been RSPO certified since July 2023.

Check our progress at

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Green Gold Label (GGL) is an international certification programmed for sustainable biomass. It has acquired a unique track record in the certification and tracking and tracing of sustainable biomass. GGL certification covers the complete supply chain from production, processing, transport to final use for bioenergy and biobased applications.

Daya Synergy Borneo Sdn Bhd is committed to procuring products and services that ensure that
materials are sourced from legal and well-managed sources that have been certified to credible
certification standards and or are form post-consumer recycled materials.

Daya Synergy Borneo Sdn Bhd have been GGL certified since May 2024.

Check our progress at

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